Hello and welcome!

I am so excited to share this site with you. I should have built it sooner but it’s better later than never eh? I’ve always been an advocate for cannabis and supported the use of it because of its incredible healing powers. This site will not promote stoner culture but my aim is to hopefully educate people about this incredible plant and the benefits of it and the ways you can use it.

This site is for people that are seeking to heal through the use of cannabis and how to find out more information about this plant. For too long this plant has been scrutinized and stereotyped into a ‘gateway drug’ as there is much stigma behind this. Currently, there is no support or actual peer-reviewed research from the government and the academia, so all we have is anecdotal evidence. However, the stories, the experiences people have far surpass any academic study out there.

The results are overwhelming, cannabis can no longer be ignored by levels of government and academic institutions. We now see changes and acceptance as it is becoming legal in Canada and the United States.

This is a huge breaking point, but we need to tread carefully as well and not let this incredible plant take the bad rap for promoting stoner culture but to rather educate and inform people on its incredible healing benefits for people and why it does what it does.



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